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Henry Thomas Moore b: 9 July 1829 in Cynthiana, KY
d: 4 Apr 1909 Joplin, MO. Civil War Confederate, Co. D 4 MO. Inf.
m: 2 Apr 1851 to Nancy Harrison Graves.

Henry Thomas Moore and Nancy Harrison Graves’ children:
Dulcena, m. William D. Myers
Frank Moore, m: May ?
Margaret Louise (aka: Lutie), m: Friend Chapman Knapp
Katie, died age 8.
Virginia, m: Timothy O’Connell
Cora Lee, m: Robert Lincoln Fink
Nancy, m: Charles McClellan
Nell, m: Frank William "Bill" Huddleson
Elizabeth Lloyd, m: Clarence Phillips

Henry Thomas Moore's mother was Sarah (Sally) Lloyd Morin,
and she was the daughter of James Morin and Jane Shore.
  After the death of James Morin, Jane married his cousin, William Stamps.

Joseph Harrison Graves and Margaret Louise Selby
m: 9 March 1834 in Nicholas Co., KY.

Margaret (Selby) Graves and her daughter Nancy H. are listed
in the Nicholas Co., KY 1850 census as 38 and 15 years old, respectively.

My line:

Richard Stauff (me)
Barbara Helen (Willms) Stauff + Michael Stauff
Nancy Louise McCroskey + Fred Willms
Ethel Moore Knapp + Edgar Judson McCroskey, Jr.
Margaret Louise (aka: Lutie) Moore + Friend Chapman Knapp
Nancy Harrison Graves + Henry Thomas Moore
Margaret Louise Selby + Joseph H Graves
William B. Graves + Judith Harrison (nee: Judah)
Richard Graves + Lucy Davenport

Friend Chapman Knapp
Elijah Washington Knapp + Sarah Ann Goodwin
Elijah Goodwin + Jane Moore Davis

Children of Elijah Washington Knapp and Sarah Ann Goodwin:
Ovid Butler Knapp b: 12 AUG 1848
Elijah Goodwin Knapp b: 03 NOV 1851
Friend Chapman Knapp b: 31 JAN 1854
Alvin Scott Knapp b: 04 OCT 1856
Daniel Franklin Knapp b: 02 FEB 1860
William Wallace Knapp b: 18 JUL 1862
Laurel "Laura" Melissa Knapp b: 25 FEB 1866
Almira Emma Knapp b: 31 May 1875

Texted for search engines, the following names are not necessarily in descending order.
Refer to above charts/photos. Spouse matchings are correct.

James Franklin Pogue + Katie Knapp (daughter of Ovid)
Franklin Butler Pogue + Esther Roedell
Gottlieb Roedell + Amelia Gross

Harry Butler Knapp, Sr. +
Dr. Nettie Evans Knapp
Harry B Knapp + Nettie E Knapp

James McNeal + Harriet Goltry

Nathaniel Goltry + Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Henry Selby + Eleanor "Nellie" Henderson

Major Selby + Margaret Parker

Thomas Selby + Margaret Schoolfield

Andrew Moore Clay + Caroline "Carrie" Lucinda Chinn
Amanda Harriet Moore  + Littleberry Bedford Clay

Joel Higgins Chinn  + Isabella Caroline Blackwell

Charlton Alexander  + Belle Brent

Matthew Y. Alexander + Elizabeth Morin

Sarah Lloyd Morin  + Andrew Moore

Capt. John Chinn + Mildred Higgins

Lucy Coleman + William Moore

William Alexander + Sarah Kerfoot

William Stamps + Lucinda Davis, sister of Jefferson Davis, Confederate President

Samuel Emory Davis + Jane Cook

Alfred Chinn

Nancy Chinn

William Dent Chinn + Sarah Bryan

Rhoda “Sally” Dent + Elijah Chinn, 1st “husband”
Rhoda “Sally” Dent + John Metcalfe II, 2nd husband
Gov. Thomas “Stonehammer” Metcalfe

William Bryan + Mary Boone, sister of Daniel Boone, famous frontiersman.
Sister of William Bryan, Rebecca Bryan + Daniel Boone, famous frontiersman.

Joseph Morin + Mary Metcalfe
William Stamps + Ann Metcalfe

Charles D. Chinn, Sr. + Scythia Davis
Rawleigh Chinn + Margaret Ball (Downman)
Diana Gwatkins  + John Metcalfe
Augustine Washington  + Mary Ball
George Washington
Mary Montague (Bennett) + Joseph Ball
William Ball + Margaret Williamson

Joseph Harrison Graves + Margaret Louise Selby
Sarah Arnett + Richard Graves
William B. Graves, Sr. + Judith Harrison (nee: Judah)
Jane Young + Rice Graves
Richard Graves + Lucy Davenport
David A Graves + Susan Breckenridge
Joseph Harrison + Margaret Richardson
Hannah Footman + Lovell Harrison
John Footman + Ann Sorrell
Mary Lovell + Andrew Harrison
Thomas Graves + Sarah Anne Davenport
Dorothy Glover + Martin Davenport
Robert Lovell + Ursula Nicholas
Barton Graves
Davis Davenport
John Graves
Martin Davenport
John Harrison

Caroline Lucinda Chinn + Andrew Moore Clay
Emily Spears + William Henry Clay
Littleberry Bedford Clay + Amanda Moore
Susan Ryon Wornall + Francis Povall Clay
Henry Clay + Margaret "Peggy" Helm
Samuel Clay + Ann “Nancy” Winn
Emily Morin + John Kerfoot Spears
Charlton Alexander + Belle Brent

Joseph Morin + Sophia Edwards
Margaret Morin + Noah Spears
Sarah Lloyd Morin + Andrew Moore
Elizabeth Morin + Matthew Y. Alexander
Margaret Kerfoot + Soloman Spears
Elizabeth Kellar + Jacob Spears
Lydia Sowers + John David Kerfoot
Margaret McCarty + George Kerfoot
Sarah Kerfoot + William Carroll Alexander
William Kerfoot + Mary Margaret Carter
William Alexander

Noah Spears Moore + Sallie Ann Ewalt
Elizabeth Morin + Noah Spears
Kitturah Stamps + Henry D. Ewalt
Mariah Stamps + Richard Ewalt
Henry Ewalt + Elizabeth Frye

Belle Brent Clay
Charlton Alexander Clay
Nancy Tucker Clay
Samuel Clay
Nannie Clay
James Clay

William Henry Clay + Emily Spears
James Eldred Clay + Sarah Elizabeth Alexander
Francis Povall Clay + Susan Ryon Wornall
Samuel “Graybeard” Clay + Nancy Tucker Wornall

John Clay Sr. + Sarah Watkins
Henry C. Clay + Lucy Green
Rev. John Clay, Jr. + Elizabeth Hudson
Dr. Henry Clay III + Rachel Povall

Sabino + Congetta Giovino
Salvine Stauff + Mary Frances Lemon
Pellegrino Staffa + Antoinette Pizzutti
Angelo Chieffi + Congetta Giovino
Tobias Toby Chieffi
Frank Angelo Chieffi
Antonio de Andruzolo
Atripalda, Italy

Solomon Lemon + Rachel Fonseca
Phineas Fonseca + Fanny Busnach
Lemon Lemon + Mary Cohen
Ephraim Lemon + Rebecca Wertheim
Michael Solomon Busnach + Maria Harris
Solomon Michael Busnach + Rachel Levy

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