Pianist and entertainer for 40+ years in Santa Cruz, Monterey and Santa Clara counties.
By day, (as a musicologist in touch with the music of our seniors' cultural times),
entertains in  Santa Cruz County at  many convalescent/nursing and retirement homes!
(See the "
Homes Schedule " )

     Also by day, he plays piano accompaniment
for Ballet instruction classes
at Cabrillo College and Dancenter!

     By night , specializing in Piano-Bar Entertainment
for corporate, public and private events!

    An experienced entertainer in many mediums, he is able to adapt and encourage
an entertaining atmosphere, whether as instrumental, vocal, or both!

Richard Stauff

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Nanette Stauff

    Lyric Soprano for 40+ years. Vocal training in Pittsburgh, PA.

Has performed in various musical plays...

...but most enjoys singing with husband, Richard, and accompanies him for any occasion where appropriate!
Specializing in stage and screen musicals; performs vocals from many popular shows! A bubbling and vivacious personality;

... and loves chocolate!

   Richard and Nanette also sing duets together from many best-loved musical productions!

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